Spindles are available in a variety of colours, and come in 35 or 44 inches in length.

Some spindles also come in 1/2", 9/16" & 5/8" round.

Please contact us for more information.

Below are some of our more popular spindle designs, other options available in our showroom.  Click on spindle choice to see available colour choices.

Metal Spindles

New spindles now available

20201104_103223 (1).jpg


Single Knuckle.jpg

Single Knuckle 

Double Knuckle Spindle.jpg

Double Knuckle

Flared Double Knuckle.jpg

Flared Double Knuckle

Flared Bar Single Knuckle.jpg

Flared Single Knuckle


Geometric Single Ladder.jpg

Geometric Single Ladder

Geometric Box 3.jpg

Geometric Box 3

Geometric Double Ladder.jpg

Geometric Double Ladder

Geometric Big Box 1.jpg

Geometric Big Box 1

Geometric Box 1.jpg

Geometric Box 1

Geometric Big Box 2.jpg

Geometric Big Box 2

Geometric Box 2.jpg

Geometric Box 2

Geometric Box 3.jpg

Geometric Big Box 3

Geometric Panel.jpg

Geometric Panel

Plain & Wide Bar

Plain Bar.jpg

Plain Bar

Wide Bar.jpg

Wide Bar


Single Diamond.jpg
Double Diamond.jpg

Single Diamond

Double Diamond


Double Ladder.jpg

Double Ladder


Double Loop.jpg

Double Loop

Slim Bow.jpg

Slim Bow

Large Bow.jpg

Large Bow


Plain Crystal Bar.jpg

Plain Crystal Bar

Double Chrystal Bar.jpg

Single Crystal Bar

Single Crystal Bar.jpg

Double Crystal Bar


Single Small Basket.jpg

Small Basket

Round Bar Large Basket.jpg

Round Bar Large Basket

Small Basket.jpg

Single Small Basket

Knuckle free Small Basket.jpg

Knuckle free Small Basket


Round Fluted Bar with Floral Collar.jpg

Round Fluted Bar

Round Fluted Bar Spindle.jpg

Round Fluted Bar w/ Floral Collar

Forged Centre.jpg

Forged Centre

Single Twist.jpg

Single Twist